Kelly Albrecht

As a Web Developer, Project Manager, Product Owner and Certified Scrum Master, I've been implementing web-based IT solutions for over a decade and have extensive experience in all aspects of information design and development. I am a regular consultant for top EDUs and NGOs, including Yale, Rainforest Alliance, as well as all of the Five Colleges.

I have contributed to Open Source in both code and community capacities. In addition to occasional international appearances, I'm a regular presenter at Meet-ups, Camps and Conferences, usually speaking on Project and Business Strategy and Management topics. I also stay involved in my local IT community as the Executive Director of NERD, a New England based non-profit for the inclusion and advancement of computer science and development in its region.

As an Entrepreneur, I have founded the LeftClick IT strategy and consulting firm as well as the Last Call Media web development agency.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with departmental honors in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts.

I spent my life building jumps and doing risky things.

I started an IT Strategy firm because I like solving problems.

I found a home in Digital Strategy working with amazing people.

I give back to the IT industry within NERDs.

Come out and teach!

Without family, there would be nothing.

Open Source software is inherently inclusive and collaborative. The vast majority of participation is driven by intrinsic motives for personal growth, relationships, and helping others. It is an endeavor that creates actual happiness, dedication, and community. As a society, this is our best work.

-Kelly Albrecht

Let's build something.